Terms & Conditions

Please review this carefully as there is important information regarding fees that will be incurred if damages occur or extra cleaning is needed after one of our Okanagan RV rentals.

In making a reservation you therefore release of the operator from liability or any assumption of claims, risks and indemnity.  Cancellations made at least 45 days prior to the first day of your stay are fully refundable.  Reservations cancelled within 45 days of your stay will forfeit deposit.  Full cost of rental is due at least 30 days prior to reservation date.  By making the reservation and giving a deposit you agree to our cancellation policy and terms of use including forfeiture of deposit for damage or cleaning.

All our units are equipped with smoke and propane alarms.  Rental costs vary according to the season.


Delivery/Check-out Time:

  • We invite you to choose the campsite in which you wish to have us move your rental unit.  However, the campsite chosen must have the minimum hook-ups: water and power (unless another location is approved at time of booking).
  • We offer free delivery to any of the campsites on our campground list and include complete set up. Trailers and RV's are not to be moved or towed once we deliver them to a designated campsite.
  • Delivery time: we will have trailer ready on site before by 5:00pm.  Delivery time can sometimes be affected by events beyond our control, such as traffic, etc. 
  • Your check-out time must be no later than 10:00am in order to enable us to move the trailer for the next rental client.  Late check-out charges are $50 per hour.


  • Should any problems or damage occur regarding the unit as a whole or equipment or parts, please advise us immediately so that we may deal with it promptly.  Charges for damaged equipment will be based on costs plus labor.  Do not attempt any repairs yourself.
  • Please be advised that no refund will be given for non-functioning equipment unless it is unfix-able for the duration of your stay.  However, we will attempt to repair all equipment as soon as possible once you advise us of a problem.
  • Air conditioning malfunctions during a rental period are not common but if a problem arises it will be repaired as quickly as possible. A discount of 10% of the 7-day weekly rental rate will be pro-rated for the number of days the  unit is affected.  Please be aware that air conditioning units may ice up if windows or doors are left open or if the temperature is set too low. If icing occurs, turn off the unit for a couple hours and it will thaw out and be ready for use again.


All units have awnings for your convenience.  Please ensure that you lower one side of the awning during heavy rain for drainage and retract the awning in the event of a strong wind. It is highly recommended that you retract the awning at the end of every evening in case of high winds during the night, as well as when you are leaving the unit for an extended period of time (more than 1 hour).

 Damages to the awning can be very costly and will be passed on to you if they do occur for any reason.

Standard Procedures:

No pets inside units.
No smoking inside units.
Please leave the unit in the same shape as it was when you arrived(see extra damage and cleaning charges below). In the event that the unit is not in a standard condition upon your arrival please contact us immediately.
Please note that everyone must remove ALL FOOTWEAR before entering, otherwise a carpet cleaning/lino repair charge of $300 will apply.
All utensils, dishes, pots, pans are to be washed and stored (pots and pans MUST NOT be used on external bar-b-q's or fires).
All appliances (fridge, stove, microwaves, etc.) must be completely cleaned inside and out.
Shower, toilet and bathroom floor must be completely cleaned.
Sink, counter top and tables must be clean.
All floors must be cleaned and swept.  Vacuum, broom and cleaning supplies are provided.
All upholstery must be left clean.

 Used bedding, sheets, and pillowcases must be removed and placed in the bathtub. Any used towel, dish towels or dish cloths must be placed in bath tub. Comforters, blankets, and sleeping bags can be left where you found them.

Please be advised that awnings are fragile and can easily be broken, for which you will be responsible( approx. value $1500).

Fee Schedule:

• A $500 deposit per week will be taken upon booking to hold each 1 week or more reservation.

• The remaining reservation cost will be due 30 days prior to the first day of your reservation. For less than 1 week rentals, the entire amount will be due upon booking.

• A $500 damage deposit will be pre authorized to your credit card on the first day of the reservation week. The hold will be for 7 days.

• $200 cleaning fee if RV is returned unclean as mentioned above.

• $300 cleaning fee for floors and carpets if shoes are worn inside the RV.

• $500 cleaning fee if pets are inside the unit at any time during your stay.

• $500 fee if you smoke inside the unit (this does include damage from burns).

• Appropriate fee will be charged for any missing or damaged pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, bedding, blankets, towels and accessories.

• Appropriate fee will be charged for any damage to the interior or exterior, appliances, outdoor kitchen, and furniture based on parts plus labor at Vines & Views RV Rentals discretion.

• $1500- $2000 for broken or damaged awning.

• $25 + Cost of Gas - Refueling charge if more than 1 propane tank is used during rental period.

• $50/hr - Late checkout.